Name of the group: Pannon Seedbank

Contact, Head of department: Erzsebet Peti, E-mail: Phone: +36 53/380-013

Address:2766, Tápiószele, Külsőmező 15. Hungary

Name of the institute: Center for Plant Diversity

Contact, Director: Borbála Baktay E-mail: Phone: +36 53/380-070

Address: 2766, Tápiószele, Külsőmező 15. Hungary

The most important obligation of the Center for Plant Diversity is the implementation of national genebank tasks for field crops and vegetables. Due to Pannon Seedbank unit established in the frame of the EU LIFE+ program in 2010, the activity of the institute covers the maintenance of the genetic resources for the wild vascular plants. After cleaning of collected seed material, germination is tested, and after drying seed samples are stored in active (0°C) and base (-20°C) storage cabinets. Currently accessions of more than 900 wild plant species are maintained. Stored seed samples are suitable for research and practical nature conservation purposes, e.g for habitat reconstructions, or for reintroduction. Currently our collection includes 43 accessions of 33 different orchid species, until now only initial investigations were carried out with orchids. .

Erzsébet Peti: Head of Pannon Seedbank

Imre Oláh: Laboratory manager of Pannon Seedbank

Gábor Málnási Csizmadia: Seed germination and storing expert

Judit Schellenberger: Taxonomist

Main contact for the group: Erzsébet Peti, head of department, Pannon Seedbank, E-mail:, phone: +36 53/380-013

Erzsebet Peti - Head of Pannon Seedbank, E-mail; Main tasks of the head of the unit are organising and coordination of seed collection, seed processing, storing and propagation activities. She is responsible for development and maintenance of collection of wild plant genetic material, and for organising field tests for propagation of seed material of wild plants. She contributes to develop Pannon Seedbank database.

Imre Oláh – Laboratory manager, E-mail; Main tasks of the laboratory manager are supervising laboratory works and providing proper operation of laboratory equipment. Furthermore he selects proper species-specific germination methods; he participates in the qualitative and quantitative assessment of seed samples and in data processing. He is responsible for implementation of appropriate storing of processed seed samples in cold rooms. He also contributes to collecting genetic material of wild plant species.

Gábor Málnási Csizmadia – Seed germination and storing expert, E-mail; He is responsible for carrying our tetrazolium tests for testing seed viability in the case of taxa where germination tests are not recommended. He investigates seed storage behaviour, and participated in compiling seed storing methodology of Pannon Seedbank. He also contributes to collecting genetic material of wild plant species.

Gábor Németh – Documentation expert He is responsible for development of the database of the institute.

Laboratory assistants They are responsible for technical implementation of seed cleaning, measuring seed weights, germination, drying, storing and propagation processes.