OSSSU - Orchid Seed Science And Sustainable Use

My research focuses on plant conservation collections and field research of under-represented endangered plant groups including orchids and the restoration and management of their habitats. In addition to the in situ work the conservation horticulture team at ABG specializes in ex situ collections management and propagation techniques from field to nursery production of imperiled orchids. My experience includes the conservation and recovery of rare and threatened orchid species through propagation, collaborative restoration, and habitat management. The ABG team works to addresses the urgent need to protect key imperiled orchids across 7 southeastern states in the US and 3 Caribbean Islands through in situ and ex situ conservation, development of germination and propagation protocols for target species, and seed banking. Furthermore, we actively engage in capacity building through workshops and in situ training, as well as establishment of tissue culture laboratories focusing on development of plant material for in situ augmentation at identified protected sites, outplanting of plants, and monitoring of natural populations.

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